Purdue University’s Long-Awaited Engineering Building Is Complete

Purdue University pic
Purdue University
Image: engineering.purdue.edu

Guided by his strong background in electrical engineering, Dr. Jai N. Gupta is the founder and former president of EER Systems. An electrical engineering PhD graduate of Purdue University, Dr. Jai N. Gupta donated $850,000 toward the university’s new electrical and computer engineering building.

With one of the most country’s acknowledged engineering faculties, Purdue University did not have a central building for its College of Engineering. Instead, the college’s electrical and computer engineering faculties were housed in six different campus locations. The majority of faculty members were housed in the Electrical Engineering Building, which was constructed in 1924 and last remodeled in 1941. It was outdated and incapable of housing modern technological equipment, and there was a dire need for a new building to house one of the university’s leading schools.

After a long fundraising initiative, Purdue University was able to accumulate the $18 million required to build the new electrical and computer engineering building. The building was named Seng-Liang Wang Hall, after the father of Purdue alumnus and chief executive of Johnson Electric, Hong Kong, Patrick Wang.

Today, standing at four stories and complete with 147,000 square feet of space, the building houses research labs, meeting rooms with advanced wireless and video teleconferencing capabilities, and faculty space for staff.


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