Durga Temple – The United States’ First Temple of Bhagwati Durgaji

Durga Temple pic
Durga Temple
Image: durgatemple.org

Dr. Jai N Gupta is the founder and trustee emeritus of Durga Temple, a Hindu temple in Fairfax Station, Virginia. The Durga temple was the first temple of Bhagwati Durgaji built in the United States. Dr. Jai N. Gupta served as its construction manager and earliest financier.

The temple is considered a place of worship for individuals of all Hindu faiths, and all Hindu festivals are celebrated equally. Deities in the temple include Durgaji, Shri Radha-Krishna, Shiv-Parivar, Balaji, Lakshmi-Narayanji, and others. Its religious services include wedding ceremonies, Mata Ki Chowki, Mata Jagran, Akhand Ramayan, Santi Path, and others.

The temple’s inauguration ceremony took place in March 1999, but construction of the temple’s dome was not completed until seven years later in March 2006. Since its inception, the temple has welcomed individuals from all faiths and has made it its mission to enrich the lives of all those who choose to worship in the temple.


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