About Dr Jai N Gupta

Now retired as president of the Government Services Group of L-3 Communications, Dr. Jai N. Gupta helped increase the organization’s profitability, making it one of America’s top 10 defense contractors. Throughout his career, Dr. Jai N. Gupta has leveraged his engineering expertise to contribute to the growth of a number of companies.

After he earned an advanced degree in electrical engineering, Dr. Jai N. Gupta designed circuitry for flat-screen televisions for International Scanning Devices. He followed that with a position as a project leader for MITRE Corporation, where he directed the development of an aircraft collision warning system.

Dr. Jai N. Gupta then started EER Systems attaining revenues of $150 million and employed some 1,500 employees. In 2001, L-3 acquired EER Systems Inc. for $110 million.

Dr. Gupta’s educational background includes a BS in electrical engineering and microwave communications from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MS in electrical engineering from Queens University in Canada. Following those, he earned a doctorate in electrical engineering and mathematical statistics from Purdue University and an MSA in international finance from George Washington University.

Dr. Gupta cofounded the Durga Temple, a Hindu house of worship near Washington, DC. He presently serves the organization as a trustee emeritus. His family foundation also has endowed professorships at Purdue University and the Indian Institute of Technology.


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